Need to send us a file?  Send it securely with SecureSend.  It's fast, it's easy and it's secure.

There are no more delays with overnight delivery services, blocked emails due to large attachments, or FTP systems that almost everyone finds difficult to understand.  Sending files through our SecureSend File Exchange is as simple as sending an email.


Step 1 Select your recipient’s email address from the drop down list, then enter your subject line and brief message (exactly like writing an email). You upload the files you want to send, which will be securely uploaded with SSL encryption to our servers for pickup.

Step 2 An email will be sent to your recipient, indicating that there are files from you waiting for him/her to pick up.

Step 3 Your recipient then clicks on the link in the email that was uniquely created for him/her, which will take your recipient to an encrypted web page to download the files. Your recipient will be prompted to enter their password for authentication.

Step 4 After authenticating, your recipient will then be able to securely download the files. After the files are downloaded, they will be deleted from the SecureSend’s servers.



Securely Send Us a File

Use our convenient SecureSend page to securely deliver a file directly to a member of our firm. The selected firm member will be notified once your file upload is complete.

Alternatively, you may also login to our Secure Client Portal to send us a file. If you do not currently have a Portal Account, you may register for one here.